Talent Tour

THE TALENT TOUR (after the fire)

Lynne Likens takes a tour of Talent. The good and the bad.

Our ture begins at FEMA at Harry and David’s. We met Jackie who works for FEMA and is from Puerto Rico. I didn’t have any paper towels to give her.

Next we tour from Talent to Phoenix. A car ride view of the devastation.

We stop off to see Cheryl August who has important information about available services. The McCormick Center has been giving to the community for twenty years or more. Located at 2500 S Pacific, go in the main entrance across the tracks, it’s just past the green domed building. They’re there for you!

We take a tour of Talent with us of our town that was decimated by fire. Talent Mobile Estates had 85 residences when the fire blew through. There was no time for anyone to gather much as the 45 mph wind pushed the fire up the creek taking the path of least resistance. Please support our efforts to rehome my neighbors. Bernie Sanders proved $27 each could support his campaign. We don’t need a lot if everyone gives a little. Your $27 will be greatly appreciated. I hope we get world wide support from all the Facebook family. Thank you all for being a part of our recovery. We need you.

On a fun note we discover Donuts in Phoenix. Yes, life is still sweet!

About the author

LYNNE LIKENS is a certified studio producer. She is socially and politically active in the Rogue Valley. She has also established herself as the go to lighting tech that many producers want to have to help light their studio show productions. Lynne likes to combine her work at RVTV with her social and political activities to help bring better understanding to the Rogue Valley of those important issues that need to be paid attention to with her show "Passing Through."

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