The Small Interview

When Dave Nienow learns that last-minute studio time has become available, he drags someone in for a quickly produced interview. That someone is sure to be interesting.

Below is a preview of The Small Interview and here are links to all of the The Small Interview program videos (LINK).


The Small Interview: Laura Rich
Glamour Dave interviews Laura Rich.

Again: Links to all of the The Small Interview program videos (LINK).

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About the author

DAVID NIENOW is a certified studio and field producer at RVTV. He has been a producer for just over 2 years. David began his journey at RVTV a few weeks prior to the passing of his father when he signed up for the studio certification class. After the passing of his father David became very active at RVTV that in time has seen him develop and produce 4 different series at RVTV. In the last 2 years of the Southern Oregon Television Awards he has 11 earned 7 different SOTA’s. And he has earned over 30 film festival selections around the world for his various show episode productions.

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