The Shoppes at Exit 24

The Shoppes at Exit 24

The Shoppes at Exit 24 also houses a Fire Relief Center. The farther away from the moment of disaster the fewer donations even though people are still hurt and house-less. Please don’t give up on them. We are in need of many things like crock pots or slow cookers for those displaced and living in motel rooms. Having the ability to prepare a meal empowers and is a super important moment in returning to ‘normal’. Thank you all for your generosity in this time of great need.

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LYNNE LIKENS is a certified studio producer. She is socially and politically active in the Rogue Valley. She has also established herself as the go to lighting tech that many producers want to have to help light their studio show productions. Lynne likes to combine her work at RVTV with her social and political activities to help bring better understanding to the Rogue Valley of those important issues that need to be paid attention to with her show "Passing Through."

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