At Rogue Valley Voices, we want to help stop the hate against Asians.

Racially motivated harassment and hatred of Asian Americans are on the rise. Amid the COVID-19 shutdown, the longstanding issue of racism in the U.S. against Asians has only gotten worse.

A was a total of 122 anti-Asian hate crimes last year. That’s a 149% increase from the 49 in 2019. The Stop the A A P I Hate organization received 2,808 reports of racism and discrimination against Asian Americans from mid-March and to the end of 2020. Now in 2021, acts of violence are escalating.

At Rogue Valley Voices, we join with our Asian Americans neighbors and stand against the hatred. As the great masters have said, “Love your neighbor.” But what if you are the target of the hate? Stop the A A P I Hate ( lists 5 things to consider when experiencing hate.

1. Safety First.

2. Stay Calm.

3. Speak Out.

4. Seek Immediate Support.

5. Seek Emotional Support.

REMEMBER, there are those who stand with you. And Rogue Valley Voices sure does.

Stop AAPI Hate
Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council
Chinese For Affirmative Action
Asian American Studies (AAS) Department

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