Southern Oregon Television Awards Show

Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV)
The SOTA show will air on February 8th at 7pm, we will soon know who the winners will be!

The Southern Oregon  Television  Awards (SOTA) is the Rogue Valley’s annual showcase of the best in local public access television production. Since 2017, Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV) and the RVTV Public Access Advisory Council have worked to offer this live award program. And to honor the work of independent studio and field producers who develop and produce the public access television shows broadcast daily at RVTV.

RVTV, serving the region for over 30 years and the region’s only public access television station, has production facilities open to all residents of Jackson and Josephine counties. Studio and field certification classes are available that, once completed, allow Rogue Valley residents the opportunity to work at the studio on show productions and to use the station’s video production equipment to create their television programming, shown on RVTV’s Public Access channel.

Founded in 1989, RVTV is a partnership between Southern Oregon University, Jackson County and the cities of Ashland, Eagle Point, Grants Pass and Medford. Public, education and government channels are available on Charter Cable and Ashland TV.  The following local government and public entities contribute to RVTV programming: Southern Oregon University, City of Ashland, City of Medford, City of Grants Pass, Jackson County, Rogue Valley Transportation District and Ashland School District.Television shows are streamed locally via Ashland Home Net and Charter Spectrum, as well as streamed across the Internet and permanently stored at, the official historic archive of public media.

The fourth annual awards broadcast will air on February 8, 2020, the night before the Oscars. The event is the Rogue Valley’s version of the Oscar award ceremonies. Last year, over 70 public-access produced programs received nominations across 24 categories. This year with more nominations the list of categories has increased to 28.The Southern Oregon Television Awards is a volunteer production, with the help of the RVTV independent producers and students from SOU’s digital media program. To help offset costs, the producers are seeking local individual and business sponsors. Several levels of sponsorship are available. Anyone interested may contact executive producer David “Glamour Dave” Nienow at to learn more.

Nienow, one of many certified producers at the station, has three ongoing series in production and hosts SOTA. He is also a seven-time winner.

The awards show also serves as a fundraising vehicle for Rogue Valley Voices, a local non-profit formed to raise visibility and increase support in the Rogue Valley for public access television production as a fundamental part of our First Amendment rights. RVTV provides citizens of our community an opportunity to express their constitutional freedom of free speech and to do so via modern broadcast media. Rogue Valley Voices is working to facilitate more diversity from our community, to get their voices out and be seen and heard through RVTV programming. Rogue Valley Voices also helps increase access to educational and training opportunities for local citizens who wish to become independent studio and field producers, a dream for many. While SOTA may not have the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s Oscar Awards, the event highlights folks in our region—people who make a difference.

About the author

DAVID NIENOW is a certified studio and field producer at RVTV. He has been a producer for just over 2 years. David began his journey at RVTV a few weeks prior to the passing of his father when he signed up for the studio certification class. After the passing of his father David became very active at RVTV that in time has seen him develop and produce 4 different series at RVTV. In the last 2 years of the Southern Oregon Television Awards he has 11 earned 7 different SOTA’s. And he has earned over 30 film festival selections around the world for his various show episode productions.

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