The Southern Oregon Television Awards are upon us Rogue Valley.  Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV) and Rogue Valley Voices are bringing local television viewers Southern Oregon’s local version of the Oscar’s, the night before the Oscar’s.  The SOTA is a local award showcase for the best in local public access television production.  Local independent public access producers create a wide variety of programming that focuses on our own community, bringing informative, educational and entertaining programming for local television viewers. 

Saturday evening (Feb. 8, 2020) beginning at 7 pm The Southern Oregon Television Awards will begin being aired on channel 182 on Charter Spectrum and channel 15 on Ashland Home Net.  Their will be 23 categories of awards presented during the broadcast.  Viewers will be able to see examples of the variety of community created programs that are broadcast on RVTV.  And be able to see and learn about the variety of community producers that create the many programs seen on RVTV.

And if you find yourself impressed by the quality of community programming created and seen on RVTV, know that you as a local citizen can become a community producer and join the ranks of local public access producers.  You can express your first amendment right and make your voice heard  by creating your own community program on whatever subjects that you are passionate about.  Become a producer, make your voice heard, and make an impact with your own TV show. 

Studio and field certification classes are coming up next week that allow you to become a producer.  Just call RVTV at 541-552-6898 to sign up.

About the author

DAVID NIENOW is a certified studio and field producer at RVTV. He has been a producer for just over 2 years. David began his journey at RVTV a few weeks prior to the passing of his father when he signed up for the studio certification class. After the passing of his father David became very active at RVTV that in time has seen him develop and produce 4 different series at RVTV. In the last 2 years of the Southern Oregon Television Awards he has 11 earned 7 different SOTA’s. And he has earned over 30 film festival selections around the world for his various show episode productions.

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