Keegan Van Hook says Good Bye.

It is always sad when one of our members leave. We will miss our amazing friend who has served our RVTV community so well.

Here is his notice:

“To all my esteemed producers and friends at RVTV Public Access:

“I am very sad to say that my time at RVTV, in my current capacity, is coming to an end. I have had to make some very hard life decisions recently, culminating in my withdrawal from coursework at SOU. Due to my status as a student employee, this means I am no longer eligible to hold my current position at RVTV. I will be concluding my duties here at the end of December/sometime in January, after which time Mike will be taking over my work.

“While leaving SOU is the right choice for me at this time in my life, having to leave RVTV as a byproduct has been a very hard thing to accept. In fact, the decision to leave school has really only been postponed this long due to my desire to remain here. This place has come to mean a lot to me. When I found RVTV, I was, as a person, essentially an empty vessel. RVTV has filled me, and I can say with confidence that the character I am playing in this world is in large part a product of my time here.

“While I will no longer be your Public Access Coordinator, I do intend to remain an active part of this community in whatever capacity I can. However, I can make no promises about anything at this time. I do not know exactly what my future looks like. One way or the other, though, you will still be seeing me– I wouldn’t have it any other way .”

About the author

David the Bruce M.Div, movie reviewer, published author. NBC-TV administrator and camera operator. A magazine publisher and an independent filmmaker He currently works with the Ashland Independent Film Festival and teaches media at RVTV/So Oregon University where he has produced 12 different series with nearly 1000 RVTV shows. He leads all RVTV producers in production credits at

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