English Instruction at Home

Lots of folks are at home instead of school these days. While no substitute for interacting with a teacher, Ramping Up your English is a web-based TV program that uses a Content-based approach to improving English proficiency. Three units – Trains and Railroads, Animals, and Native Americans can be accessed at LetzCeate.org. Ramping Up your English uses videos on content areas (Science and Social Studies) and direct instruction to help English Learners improve their listening comprehension and grammar skills. Be sure to follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself and your community; and enjoy some great videos from home.

About the author

JOHN LETZ is a certified studio and field producer at RVTV. John produces the education shows "Ramping Up Your English" and "Adventures in Education." Both shows have earned SOTA awards for Best Education. John has been an active producer at RVTV for the last 6 years. And he is number 2 on show production credits among RVTV producers at Archive.org and is approaching on his 200th production.

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