David “Glamour Dave” Nienow was a professional photographer specializing in fitness, fashion, glamour & erotica photography. He provided photography services for fitness models while operating their official sites. Clients have included Tara Caballero, Erin Ellington, Brenda Kelly, Carmen Garcia, Leigh Anna Ross, Brandy Maddron, Deven Jones, and Melissa Budreau. He has provided web design, graphic design, and web mastering services. His photography has appeared in MuscleMag, American Curves for Men, Planet Muscle, the cover of BOSS retail catalog, BOSS Calendars, Teeze magazine, Mister Magazine (Australia), eGirlsNews Magazine, and AskMen.com. He has had his photography showcased in a group exhibition in 2005 at Echo Gallery in Chicago, and for 2010 has exhibited work in a group exhibition at Flash Gallery in Lakewood, Colorado for The Pinup Show. His professional photography portfolio can be viewed at thefineartofglamour.com. The published books of his photography can are available on Amazon.com.

When his father suffered strokes in 2010, David retired from his photography work to care for his father full time. In early 2017, before the passing of his father, David began taking classes at his local public access TV station to learn video and film making. He has since become a certified studio and field producer for RVTV in Ashland, Oregon.

He produces and hosts 6 different active series.

Gems of the Rogue Valley is a 1/2 hour talk show that features local businesses, organizations, locations, and individuals doing positive activities in Southern Oregon.

Rogue Artisans and Crafters is a 1/2 hour talk show that interviews local artists and craftspeople in Southern Oregon.

The So NOT So Late Night Glamour Dave Show is a 1/2 hour comedy talk show that is broadcast LIVE on selected Friday nights at RVTV.

The Small Interview with Glamour Dave (link) is a 1/2 hour interview show where local/regional personalities are featured and their activities explored.

The Glamour Dave & Cosmo TV / Radio Show (link) is a music-oriented podcast show where they interview local musicians and profile their music. The video programs run on RVTV and the audio editions air on KSKQ radio.

Rogue Valley CBJ

Rogue Valley CBJ (link) is a regional music concert documentary series where local country, blues, and jazz (CBJ) musician/groups event performances are recorded and broadcast on RVTV. The series is raw, unfiltered, uncensored music performances with the most minimal of editing for time.

About the author

David the Bruce M.Div, movie reviewer, published author. NBC-TV administrator and camera operator. A magazine publisher and an independent filmmaker He currently works with the Ashland Independent Film Festival and teaches media at RVTV/So Oregon University where he has produced 12 different series with nearly 1000 RVTV shows. He leads all RVTV producers in production credits at Archive.org.

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