Producers collaborate in the production of the Christmas Show on RVTV Voices. Everyone in this picture is a volunteer
Volunteer producers collaborate in the production of the RVTV Voices Christmas Special.

One the most rewarding things about producing TV shows for RVTV Voices is when producers collaborate to promote special causes. A recent example is the tribute programs for Takelma Elder Agnes Baker Pilgrim – which resulted in collaboration between Adventures in Education by John Letz, and Life Passages by Nancy Bloom. Known as Grandma Aggie, this remarkable woman passed away in November of 2019. Both producers felt the need to celebrate her life for RVTV viewers. Adventures in Education produced a Tribute in two parts. Watch Part One, and Part Two. Life Passages also did a tribute in an episode called Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim’s River of Life. Click here to see that episode on

We’ve done some other collaborative work. One of the best was to promote a group called Life Art Gallery. This was a collaboration between David Nienow from Rogue Artisans and Crafters, Nancy Bloom’s Life Passages, Steve Dreben’s In Their Words, and my Adventures in Education. Here’s a link to the Adventures in Education. Here’s a link to the Rogue Artisans and Crafters episode. Nancy Bloom’s episode on this program can be seen by clicking here. Steve Dreben’s In Their Words featured Life Art Galley as well. Click here to see that episode. You can see how we all had different treatments of the same subject. Life Art Gallery does tremendous work for young people in Southern Oregon, and we were all glad to promote their work in our own way.

I’m proud to work with people who value collaboration above competition. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you might want to see the posting about Spring Classes. Many of our producers promote worthy things happening in our area, and we’re all eager to help new producers.

That Christmas show that Davis Nienow produced is something we all enjoy doing. David won International film festival awards for the Christmas Special.

Spring classes are scheduled to begin at the end of April. Be sure to call in case those must be rescheduled due to campus closer due to corona virus. Please follow all CDC guidelines. Visit the CDC website for the latest information.

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JOHN LETZ is a certified studio and field producer at RVTV. John produces the education shows "Ramping Up Your English" and "Adventures in Education." Both shows have earned SOTA awards for Best Education. John has been an active producer at RVTV for the last 6 years. And he is number 2 on show production credits among RVTV producers at and is approaching on his 200th production.

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