Classes Cancelled

Classes for Spring

Here’s your chance to be a studio producer or field producer with RVTV Voices. New classes are scheduled for Spring of 2020. Classes will be conducted with CDC measures in mind, so this is the time to sign up.

Studio Producer’s Schedule

Classes will be Thursdays from 5 to 7pm on the following dates:

April 30

May 7

May 14

May 21

May 28

Completion of the Studio Producer’s class – along with required volunteer hours – opens the doors to operating the digital equipment in the studio of the Digital Media Center. Cameras, lights, microphones, graphics and control equipment are all open to use by certified producers. Whether you have dreams of your own production, or desire to develop skills while helping other producers; this class opens the door. Classes take place in Ashland at the Digital Media Center on the campus of Southern Oregon University.

Field Producer’s Class

Classes will take place from 1pm to 3pm on the following Saturdays:

May 2

May 9

May 16

May 30

Completion of this class entitles you to check out field equipment from RVTV for any field productions you want to undertake. Cameras, lights, microphones, cables, and recorders are all available for use in field productions for those with Field Producer Certification. These classes also take place at the Digital Media Center in Ashland.

Getting Started

Contact Michael Greata at 541-552-8892 for more information, including the cost of the classes. Calling ahead is strongly encouraged. Make that call, and make that commitment. You’ll be well on your way to being welcomed into the community of Rogue Valley Voices producers.

TV Producers Class
Learn to operate Digital Media equipment at the RVTV Studio in Ashland.

About the author

JOHN LETZ is a certified studio and field producer at RVTV. John produces the education shows "Ramping Up Your English" and "Adventures in Education." Both shows have earned SOTA awards for Best Education. John has been an active producer at RVTV for the last 6 years. And he is number 2 on show production credits among RVTV producers at and is approaching on his 200th production.

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