About Us

Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of Rogue Valley Voices is to be the active representation of the community that Rogue Valley Community Television serves, as it also brings awareness of RVTV to the community. Rogue Valley Voices shall support and provide advocacy for community producers, encourage diversity in such areas as gender, ethnicity and opinion, and help assess the validity of viewer concerns.

Rogue Valley Voices shall support in an advisory capacity the Community Access Policy and shall periodically assess and suggest amendments to it as needed.


The idea of Rogue Valley Voices developed in the fall of 2018 as the FCC began to consider changing the regulations regarding how cable systems can assess the value of channels offered for public access television used by local communities. The recommended change in FCC rules would have the potential to drastically reduce the number of dollars that cable systems would be required to set aside for the operation of public access television stations that would be operated by local communities.

In order to provide a means of supporting the local public access television services offered in the Rogue Valley through Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV) and the community programming created by the volunteer independent producers responsible for the many community programs broadcast by RVTV, several of the active producers at RVTV decided it was time to form a non-profit organization to help protect the interests of public access television in the Rogue Valley. Thus, Rogue Valley Voices was created.

Rogue Valley Voices received its IRS certification as a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit May 29, 2019. As a new organization, we are still in the very early stages of organizing its planned activities. The board of Rogue Valley Voices has been working to develop its initial strategic plan to guide it for the next 2 years. It has formulated an outline of planned fund-raising activities that it intends to develop and implement. It has prepared and submitted its first 2 grant applications.

Rogue Valley Voices is assisting in developing the existing annual Southern Oregon Television Awards into a larger community award event that in time would also include the other local television stations. Currently, the Southern Oregon Television Awards serves as an annual recognition of the best in local public access television production and the work of the independent producers that create all the local public access programming. The Southern Oregon Television Awards is a volunteer produced program put on by the Public Access Advisory Council of RVTV and the many active independent producers of RVTV. Rogue Valley Voices is working to obtain local sponsors for the event in order to help develop the award show into a major local-based award show that reflects the work of the local television production industry in Southern Oregon.


With changes in the political landscape in the nation that have the capacity to adversely affect the very continued existence of public access television in its current form as a resource to the nation, and especially in the local region of the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon, Rogue Valley Voices can serve to politically defend the interests of public access television locally.
In addition, Rogue Valley Voices can envision a future of more expanded community support that includes the creation of additional studio operation space in Medford and Grants Pass. With the creation of additional studio spaces serving as support spaces for expanded public access programming, training spaces for high school and college students pursuing career development in modern digital media, and support for the film industry in the Southern Oregon region.


Rogue Valley Voices is a non-profit corporation formed to raise visibility and increase support in the Rogue Valley for public access media & television production as a fundamental part of our First Amendment rights.


The primary values of Rogue Valley Voices support the following ideals by which it operates.
Freedom of Speech, Diversity, Creativity, Respect for All, Community Building

Public Goals & Activities

The fundamental goals of Rogue Valley Voices in support of its Vision and Mission are the following:

1. To provide the opportunity for local citizens to express their constitutional right of free speech.

2. To increase and facilitate the diversity of community voices that can be seen and heard through RVTV programming.

3. To develop educational and training opportunities in local film production and tv arts for adults and youth.

4. To promote participation and access to cultural activities, heritage, the arts and humanities, and civic engagement.

5. To make available to the community current equipment and technology to enable them to produce public access television programming.

6. In the first 2 years of Rogue Valley Voices operations the fulfillment of our stated public goals will be achieved by focusing on the following activities:

7. Increase support for RVTV and the independent producers in the Rogue Valley via print, radio, and online social media.

8. Expand the community of active producers that produce regular series show content seen in RVTV programming.

9. Increase the quality of technical support and available equipment used at RVTV and by the independent producers.

10. Rogue Valley Voices will approach its support for the above-listed activities that help to achieve its goals by implementing the following programs.

11. Provide tuition assistance to local citizens that sign up for the certification training classes offered at RVTV. Citizens that have financial difficulties paying the full cost of the classes can apply for a tuition assistance loan through Rogue Valley Voices. A review committee of RVTV producers will review applications and determine the level of assistance loan granted for each applicant. Approved applicants will be required to contribute to the studio with designated volunteer time as part of the acceptance of the tuition assistance.

11. Provide financial assistance to certified RVTV producers when producers develop special show productions and need help in purchasing props and other items that can improve the quality of show production. Producers will apply for a specific loan amount. Producers will be required to contribute to the studio with designated volunteer time as part of the acceptance of the production loan.

12. Provide financial assistance for the upgrading of available production equipment used by RVTV and the independent producers.