A Focus On…

Wanda Borland brings local creative talent to RVTV, representing some of the diversity of entertainment in Southern Oregon.

Below are some samples of A Focus On… and here is a link to all of the A Focus On… program videos (LINK).


A Focus On..: Mig Windows
Wanda Borland speaks with Mig Windows and Corey Renfree about local independent film.

Mig Windows and Corey Renfree

A Focus On..: The Compassionate Liberator Sequence
Compasha performs the compassionate liberator sequence.

The Compassionate Liberator Sequence

Again: Links to all of the A Focus On.. program videos are here (LINK).
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About the author

WANDA BORLAND is a certified studio and field producer that produces the shows "Animals Matter" and "A Focus On…" She has been an active producer at RVTV for over 5 years. She has earned SOTA awards for Best Producer and is a 2x Best Director winner. She is a guiding force in helping new producers become comfortable with developing their individual series productions.

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